Ridge Wood - A special place for people, plants and animals
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  Children on a field trip

Key Stage 1

The lesson plans and schemes of work are Word documents which you can download and edit. Please note that if you do copy the Word file to your computer, links within the document to the worksheets will no longer work.

The worksheets are made available as PDFs but you can make your own up by using images from the Ridge Wood Picture Galleries. You wil find these in News & Events for images of Ridge wood now and in History for images and evidence of the past. There are quarrying images in Geology and wildlife images in Wildlife.


Please contact Richard Aston (South Gloucestershire Council Countryside Officer, tel: 01454 863595) if planning a visit with your group. You will find out if any site works are planned or if there are any safety issues that might affect you.

If you would like a quarry trip, contact Hanson through the website www.hansonplc.biz.

The Lesson Plans/Schemes of Work:

Please note! The materials are colourful and attractive, but if you want to save printer ink, set your printer to black & white/grayscale before printing.

Foundation Stage
To find out about, and identify features of living things

KS1 Geography lesson plans:
Geography: Around our school - the local area (Years 1-2)
Geography: Around our school - the local area / History: Comparing maps
(Years 1-6)

Geography and Numbers (Unit 5, Section 1)

KS1 History lesson plans:
History: What were homes like a long time ago? (Year 1)
History: What would we find inside people's homes a long time ago? (Year 1)

KS1 Science lesson plans:
Science: Plants and animals in the local environment (Year 2)
Science: Variation (Year 2)

KS1 Literacy:
Design a leaflet for Ridge Wood

Here is a blank template. Choose images from the picture galleries to create your own worksheets.

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