Ridge Wood - A special place for people, plants and animals
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There are heaps of resources here, mainly PDFs but you can make your own up by using images from the history, geology or wildlife picture gallery. Just drag and drop any image you want to your desktop and then use as any other picture file. Teachers' notes and lesson plans are in Word so you can download and adapt them if you wish.


Please contact Richard Aston (South Gloucestershire Council Countryside Officer, tel: 01454 863595) if planning a visit with your group. You will find out if any site works are planned, or if there are any safety issues that might affect you.

Key Stages 3 and 4

The Ridge Wood area with its interesting topography, exposed geology and section of exposed limestome pavement, offers a useful field resource for comparative study at the secondary level. Although there are no plans at present to compile a resource specifically for this level, teachers should find maps, images and some lesson plans/worksheets here that could be useful.

Hanson has developed a new 'Material World' unit for Key Stage 3 and 4 students. It can be obtained by contacting Hanson through their website www.hanson.biz and is free of charge. This unit has been written to fit into the citizenship and geography curriculum. It allows students to explore the complex issues surrounding quarrying and its influence on land use. The unit can be used either with, or without, a field trip to a quarry site. If you would like a quarry trip, contact Hanson through the website.

SAFETY - All off-site visits must be carried out in accordance with LEA and school guidelines. Risk assessments should be carried out and reviewed before each visit. For everyone's safety unauthorised access to quarry areas is not permitted. Please read this important note before visiting.

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