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Her name is Hunny. She cut her leg badly on broken glass in Ridge Wood, resulting in great suffering. She required skin clips, bandaged dressings, antibiotics and pain-killers from the vet. For ten days she was unable to go for walks, which, for a lively, friendly, energetic dog like Hunny, is sheer purgatory.

Obviously, as someone who takes the time to visit this website, you do not throw bottles around or discard them in the woods.

However, you can join the Friends of Ridge Wood.

You can come on our next Working Day.

You can help to make the woods a safe and pleasant place for everyone.

Including dogs, like Hunny.


Woodlands are diminishing, and as a consequence, a wide variety of plant and animal species also. It is therefore vitally important to protect this Wood, so that it continues to thrive.
How to join the Friends:-
  • Click here to open the pdf file
  • Print the form
  • Send completed form to us at the address as detailed

Or, if you can't print the form, email us
at info.forw@gmail.com
Include the details required, as shown on the right.

Or, come to the next Working Party
workdayCheck out the News & Events page to find the next one

Still Undecided?

Even if you don't wish to get involved in a 'hands-on' way ...
  • Avoid leaving litter
  • Use the appropriate bins for dog mess
  • Keep dogs under proper control
  • Avoid damaging fences, hedges and walls.
  • Keep garden waste out of the Wood. It rots and encourages rampant plants to smother wildflowers
  • Guard against risk of fire. Tel 0845 4567000 to report fire/problems
litterWaste and litter is a problem at Ridge Wood. Litter is unpleasant and can easily trap wildlife - please take it home with you.
It is also a criminal offence carrying fines of up to 20,000 or imprisonment.
Dog mess is also a problem and carries large fines.

To report tipping or to have bulky items collected for free simply ring the Council: 01454 868000.

Please report any other problems to South Gloucestershire Council: 01454 868000.


Why not use this outdoor classroom!

As well as this website and its educational resources, Forest Schools also operate at Ridge Wood. These are inspirational and unmissable, offering children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a woodland environment.

feiFind out about Forest Schools, training opportunities and the school cluster group in South Gloucestershire.
Tel: 01454 863595 or email: naturalenvironment@southglos.gov.uk

Remember that this land has been quarried and can be dangerous. For your own safety please stay on the waymarked paths. We regret that dog mess is not cleared up by all owners.

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